Quality Policy Statement (The Main Principles of Our Company’s Operations)


The following statement presents a summary of the main principles of quality, which are implemented in our mission, business vision and in the strategy of our company.


  1. The main guiding principle of our company is providing the complete quality of our business operations performed by the company and each individual.
  2. It is the commitment of a company, which provides its customers with timely, economical and reliable services.
  3. With our customers and business partners we are establishing a reciprocal relationship of being faithful to fulfill our obligations.
  4. We are taking upon us and shaping at the same time the criteria of quality, which allow us to increase competitiveness and business performance.
  5. The complete quality is a reflection of a culture of good relationships and satisfaction of our employees and it is indented to please our customers.
  6. Employees, who are on leading positions within our company, as well as all the other employees, take upon themselves responsibility to pursuit quality, work hard and are creative in our pursuit to achieve excellence of our services.
  7. We are constantly being vigilant about the quality in order to increase the level of it in all the integral processes of our business operations within and beyond our company.
  8. A systematic approach towards learning is a regular feature of planning and executing operations.
  9. The result of our aspiration for achieving the highest level of quality is the business success of our company.