PANTRANSPORT is directed and led by systematic and transparent approach. The initiation and maintenance of the system of control is devised on ongoing process of improving operations. The demands of all the interested parties are taken in to consideration in order to achieve the highest level of success and business growth. Therefore, gaining the ISO 9001 is the result of our strategic approach.

To achieve the leading position on the market and be highly effective and successful as well, the main purpose of our business company is to recognise and fulfil the needs and expectations of our customers and all the interested parties: our employees, our partners, owners and as well as all the other people. Pantransport also strives to achieve, maintain and improve our services and success of our company.

Guiding direction for the system of leadership oblige us and all our co-workers to implement the following principles of leading:

Focus on customers – We are aware of our dependence on our customers, therefore we strive to understand their immediate and future needs and try to do our best to fulfil their demands and even exceed their expectations.
Leadership – the leaders are in charge for incorporating the unity and the main the purpose of our business company. We create and maintain our inner environment, which gives our employees opportunity to fully integrate in tot he process of achieving goals of our company.
Integration of the employees – Our employees working on all the areas are the vital part of our company and their support and integration in to the company allow us to use their skills and knowledge to our benefit.
Procedural approach – Our goals will be achieved even more successful, if the activities and sources related with them will be led as a process.
Sistematic approach towards leading – recognizing, understanding and leading the process, which are connected in to the system, contribute towards the efficiency and to success of our company.
Constant improvement – is a permanent goal of our company. It is achieved with active integration of our employees
Decision making on the basic of facts – our successful solutions shall be based on solid analysis of data and information.
Mutually benefitial relationship with our suppliers – our company is in a mutually benefitial relationship with our suppliers, which is a win win situation for both of us and at the asme time create new value. Leadership, liability and active integration of the leaders and employees are crucial fort he development and maintainance of a successfull system of leading. With the use of main principles and measures of the system of leading, information about measuring and evaluations, we will provide constant improvement of the system of leading. This shall be our main guiding principle.
Since October 2016, PANTRANSPORT operates in accordance with ISO Standard 9001:2015. ISO standard was awarded to us in January 2017. The standard was built on the principles of quality leading, which are used through all over the world by leading successful companies on all the different areas of work. It is a summary oft he good practices and that it represents the direction of the company which is striving to achieve the best only.

In this standard, the technical specifications and some other precise measures are listed. They are often used as a set of rules, instructions or the definitions of a specific characteristic.
In PANTRANSPORT we do our best that our process, products and services of external providers are in accordance with standard. A constant improvement of the efficiency of the system and quality management, are vital part of our strategy on how to lead a successful company.


Dragomir Jovanović, CEO